"It's not about the technology, it is what you do with the technology that is important."

Top 10 reasons educators should use a wiki
  1. 21st Century Skills
    • Collaboration
    • Communication
    • Problem Solving
    • Information and Media Literacy
    • Self-direction
  2. Engagement
  3. Student Centered
  4. Students get work published
  5. Green (paperless)
  6. 24/7
  7. You have control
    • Who can see your wiki
    • Who can edit your wiki
    • Who administers your wiki
  8. Able to be revised by multiple editors
  9. Feedback
  10. Risk Taking--Educators need to model risk taking in order for students to take risks. If you are reading this list, then using a wiki in your classroom might be a risk. Take it!

Blog Vs Wiki

A blog is a conversation. Wiki's are a collaboration.