1 to 1 how would it work

  • 125 kids (7th or 9th Grade)
  • Each has own laptop
  • 5 teachers (following current team model at MS level. 2 LA, math, SS, Science)
  • Each teacher has Laptop, projector and some type of smart device
  • Would be a 2 year program, teachers follow students
  • Curriculum would be project based with a culminating service based project at the end of the 2 years. Huge focus on using 21st century literacy skills to learn content standards through cross-curricular project based learning.
    • Example—Science Content—Biomes
      • In small groups students pick a biome
      • Build a new business in the biome
      • Use eCampus tools to collaborate through the design process
      • Design the building (math) make a computer scaled model
      • Learn the geography of the area—Use Google earth to place the model on the map.
      • What “green” issues do you need to think about…What effects will the business have on: environment, plants, animals…
      • Create a business plan…Funding (math) Written plan (LA) Know the history of industry (SS)
      • Final assessment will be a business proposal submitted to actual business owners. (getting the local community involved in the schools—Ideally these people would be monetary contributors to the program)

Equipment needs

Must haves
  • 130 Computers
  • 5 projectors
  • 5 Smartboards or Airliners
  • WAP
  • Backbone to handle usage

  • Clickers
  • Airliners and Smartboard both
  • Set up Google Apps for Education

  • Money
  • Administrative Buy-in
  • Staff
  • Time
  • Tech Support

Computer needs/thoughts
  • Use open source to save money
    • Linux
    • Open Office
    • Google Earth
    • eCampus
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