-Sample Math Blogs

-Give the students a problem and make them solve it using complete sentences

-Post study topics for the week on the Blog at the beginning of the week. During the week, as students have a question about a problem they are working they can post the question as a comment to that weeks post. I offer "extra credit" points on a test if a student submits a question worth posting. Students may also earn "extra credit" by posting an answer to another student's question. Guidelines for a comment being approved and posted (by teacher) require that the questions be specific and coherent. For example, "I don't get number 4 on page 268" will not be approved. The question should indicate that you have attempted something to solve the problem. A good example would be, "I'm trying to convert y=2x+3 into standard form. I know that I need to get X and Y on the same side of the equation so I subtract 2x on both sides and get y-2x=3. I can rewrite it as -2x+y=3, but I don't know how to get rid of the negative on the 2." This idea was implemented on December 3, 2007.