March Wikiletter

This months focus: Digital Storytelling

"Digital Storytelling"--Digital Storytelling refers to using new digital tools to help ordinary people to tell their own real-life stories." Source:

This month you will see links on Digital Storytelling.

All students have the ability to tell a good story, they just don't all do it well with paper and pencil. Here are links that will allow your students to show how creative and intelegent they really are.
A good Place to Start
50 Ways to tell a story

How to of the Month:PhotoStory 3

Photostory is a **free program from microsoft** that allows you to create a moving video using still digitial photos. It is amazingly easy to learn to use.
Tutorials--6 short tutorials to get you through the entire video making process.
Free Download
Sample Videos

Blog Post of the Month

Fun Site of the Month:

Speakinging of creativity, check out the link below.

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