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Presenter's: Toby Fischer and Melissa Fischer

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Welcome to the Future

What is a Wiki???

Common Craft Video--Wiki's in Plain English
Wikipedia page

Is it really that easy to edit???

Wiki Playground (click on this link to play around and edit a wiki page)

Why should I Create a Wiki???

Because Toby said so...No really here are some real reasons.

Where do I create one???

Wiki Tools

How do I use a wiki as an educational tool???

Sample Project--Protest Songs
Ideas for Classroom Use
Ideas For Professional and Administrative Use

I came to your presentation and want to try this out. What should I do now?

Resources, Resources and more Resources

Article From January's Educational Leadership Magazine
Good Books to help me learn
More good Wiki Resources
Where do I find all those cool things I see on other wikis?
Baltimore schools get over 100k students on wiki